Our company, which operates as a Turkish aluminium producer, offers you professional support in the field of aluminium products. You can also make the most of the benefits provided by the aluminium products offered by our company. In this way, you can ensure that your needs are met.

These are the main features that make aluminium one of the most important engineering materials of today. Aluminium is a material worth using even with just these properties. If we travel long distances in the houses we live in, in the cars we use, in the phones and computers we use daily, on workbenches and airplanes, on the shelves in our closets, and in the modern environment, we can often find aluminium in interior designs.

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Aluminium is one of the lightest metals in the world. It is almost three times lighter than iron. But it is also very strong, extremely flexible, and resistant to corrosion. Because its surface is always covered with a very thin but still very strong oxide film layer. It does not magnetize, is an excellent conductor of electricity, and forms alloys with almost all other metals. In addition, aluminium, which is at least as durable, soft, and easy to process as steel, is also resistant to corrosion.  This metal can be easily processed by pressure both when it is hot and when it is cold. It can be bent, pulled, and stamped. Its fireproof property is also an extremely important feature.

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Thanks to okyanusalu.com, which operates in the field of Turkish aluminum producer, you can also reach the highest quality products. If you are looking for a Turkish aluminum producer who is an expert in his field, you do not need to search any further. You just need to contact us.

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As Okyanus Aluminium, we continue our production with our extrusion, molding, powder coating, anodizing, mechanical processing, quality control and logistics departments. In our aluminium profile product range, standard aluminium profiles, aldox joinery profiles, C60 profiles, 55 system series profiles, aluminium handrail profiles, aluminium glass balcony profiles, insulated glass sliding profiles, aluminium guillotine system profiles, aluminium fly screen profiles, aluminium shutter and shutter profiles , aluminium office partition system profiles, aluminium awning profiles, shower cabin profiles, aluminium furniture profiles, accessory profiles, oval series profiles, libya door and window profiles, skirting and dilatation profiles. Aluminium

Our aluminium architectural systems product range includes ALC56 heat insulated door and window system, FC50 curtain wall system and insulated glass sliding systems.

We offer our products to our customers, of whom we are solution partners, with the best service quality. To contact us, you can browse our contact page. You can contact Okyanus Aluminium by calling us at +90 212 886 16 56 or sending an e-mail to our info@okyanusalu.com e-mail address.


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