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Okyanus Alüminyum, which equips its annual production of 16500 tons of presses with latest technology extrusion presses, can produce profiles from 0.065 gr / mt to 12 kg / meter with 1100 tons 5″, 1540 tons 6″ and 2000 tons 7″ presses.


To produce profile within the desired dimensions and tolerances and to acquire excellent surface, appropriate mold design for profile and production is the first and most important step.

Powder Coating

In our powder coating facility, which has an annual capacity of 6000 tons, pre-coating bath pre-treatments are carried out in accordance with world standards and are prepared for the painting process.


Our anodizing facility, which manufactures with 4 units of 12000 ampere rectifiers and 1 unit of 8000 ampere color rectifiers, can perform 10,000 tons of anodic oxidation annually.

Mechanical Treatment

In line with the demands of our customers, besides the angled, straight and precise short cutting processes, all kinds of mechanical operations…

Quality Control

Quality control in our company is carried out by expert staff in all stages from raw material input to profile production, surface treatment, mechanical treatment, packaging and shipping.


In addition to the special profiles of our customers, we pack with state-of-the-art machines to prevent damage to our standard profiles during shipment.

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