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What is Aluminium?

Aluminium is a metallic element that is located in the 3A group of the periodic system. Its atomic number is 13, its atomic weight is 27, its density is at 25°C, 2,698 g/cm3, its melting point is 659.7°C, the boiling point is 2057°C. It is 3-valued in all its compounds. It is an important element in the second degree after iron in industry and is found in abundance on the surface of the earth and the moon.

In nature, it is not found in the elemental state, but the form of compounds. Its compounds makeup 8% of the earth’s crust and come in third place in abundance. Wherever it is located, all rocks, especially volcanic rocks, are aluminosilicate minerals containing 60% aluminium.

Properties of Aluminium

Pure aluminium is similarly white to silver-shiny, soft, and durable. In contrast, alloys made with small amounts of other elements are hard and durable. Aluminium alloys can be processed, forged, added by welding, varnished, and painted on top. The oxide layer formed on its surface acts as a protector.

The thickness of this oxide is less than 2.5.10-5 millimeters if it is too strong a protector. This oxide layer thickens even more during melting and protects even molten aluminium metal.

Aluminium is not magnetic, it can conduct electricity and heat. Although it is resistant to many chemicals and some acids, it is very active against hydrochloric acid and alkalis. The aluminium oxide film layer on its surface dissolves in an alkaline medium. During the fusion of aluminium with oxygen, a high percentage of heat is released.

Aluminium Profile Manufacturer

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As Okyanus Aluminium, we continue our production with our extrusion, molding, powder coating, anodizing, mechanical processing, quality control and logistics departments. In our aluminium profile product range, standard aluminium profiles, aldox joinery profiles, C60 profiles, 55 system series profiles, aluminium handrail profiles, aluminum glass balcony profiles, insulated glass sliding profiles, aluminium guillotine system profiles, aluminum fly screen profiles, aluminum shutter and shutter profiles , aluminum office partition system profiles, aluminum awning profiles, shower cabin profiles, aluminum furniture profiles, accessory profiles, oval series profiles, libya door and window profiles, skirting and dilatation profiles. Aluminum

Our aluminum architectural systems product range includes ALC56 heat insulated door and window system, FC50 curtain wall system and insulated glass sliding systems.

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