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What is an Aluminium Profile?

Although it is preferred for various reasons and has many advantages, the question of why the aluminium profile can often be asked. The aluminium profile, which is in high demand in many sectors, ranks first in the ranking of optimal materials because it is both durable and functional. Aluminium profile, which is known for offering the highest insulation standards if preferred for windows, also has a very long service life if it is not damaged. It has a mechanical property protection system even at high and very low temperatures.

Although it is produced with extremely precise measurements, it is also possible to make designs in customized ways. In this way, it is also ensured that it is much more common in terms of its usage areas. The aluminium profile is durable. Aluminium, which is durable but has a lightweight feature, is also easy to maintain. It is also for this reason that it is resistant to wind. Due to this, the French balcony is also an important product for use in high-rise buildings, except for shop windows. it is known that aluminum profiles, which are sufficient to be cleaned with alkaline detergents every 6 months, are also much more resistant to chemical effects.

The aluminum profile is environmentally friendly. because it provides 100% recycling, it is also seen that aluminum, which is preferred due to its high rate, saves energy by 95%. Thanks to the return of aluminum, millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions are also saved. It is preferred in important buildings such as schools and hospitals due to its compliance with fire regulations.

High-Quality Aluminium Profile Producer İstanbul

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